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2017/18 Junior League Prizewinners

St Andrew's School Woking win Junior League Team Trophy

Last edited: Sat 24 Mar 2018

Congratulations to St Andrew's School Woking who have won the team trophy.

Prizes and certificates will be awarded at Woking Park on Saturday 28th April 2018. The prize giving will be followed by a score event.

Individual prizes

1st Adam Mills STA
2nd Matthew Jackson STA
3rd Aidan Hilton SN

1st William Emmerson ESOC
2nd Thomas Arnison ESOC
3rd Samuel Dixon SN

1st Nathan Judd CFCS

1st Alexander O’Neill CFCS
2nd Hallam Webb TOM

1st Jocie Hilton SN
2nd Charlotte Slade SN
3rd Laura Barrett TOM

1st Rosa Webb TOM
2nd Leah Rushforth TOM

Alex Lane trophy for most improved junior
Kathryn Redhead TOM

Certificate awards

Mathilda Aspinall STA
Anton Augustin STA
Aidan Hilton SN
Matthew Jackson STA
Adam Mills STA
Charlotte Slade SN

Laura Barrett TOM
Jocie Hilton SN
Luke Mills-Hicks GO
Kathryn Redhead TOM
Leah Rushforth TOM

Light Green
Thomas Arnison ESOC
Sarah Darley GO
William Emmerson ESOC
Nathan Judd CFCS
Hallam Webb TOM
Rosa Webb TOM

Short Blue
Sebastian Edwards SN
Alexander O’Neill CFCS

See the Junior League Rules for details of how prizes and certificates are awarded.