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JK2019 - they think it's all over ...

... it is now!

Last edited: Fri 19 Apr 2019

SN's busy JK weekend finished with a couple of podium places in the relays on Monday, with 3rd place in the mini relay for Charlotte, Aidan and Tommy, and 3rd in W120+ for Sarah, Carol and Mel. Check out all the results via (there are some delays to publication due to technical issues during the weekend).

Congratulations also to Peter Bray (M21 Elite) and Sarah Rollins (W40) who were both second overall in their respective individual classes, and Finn le Page who won M12B. There were some tired legs in the SN teams at the JK Relays, after the efforts by so many club members across the whole weekend, and we didn't quite get among the prizes in several classes where we had a reasonable chance on paper.

The club played a leading role at Windmill Hill, and some of us did additional helper shifts on other days. We should all feel very proud that we played our part in helping over 2500 people to have a great weekend's orienteering. Forests were in super condition - sunlit with minimal undergrowth, and so little mud! Planning was good, organisation was first class, all car parking was close to race arenas and assembly areas, and the weather was like a summer holiday event. The results will come when various technical issues have been resolved and the organisers and controllers are happy - let's not let that take away from what was otherwise a brilliant JK weekend.

Thank you to everyone who officiated, helped and competed during the weekend. We don't have to do something this big every year, but we know we can do it, and as Team SN we do it very well. Great effort - well done!