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Happy New Year to SN members

Don't forget to renew!

Last edited: Sun 22 Dec 2019

The membership year for both British Orienteering and SN runs from 1st January. All existing BO members will have received their renewal reminders in November (by email from info [at] Reminders for our local members (who already belong to another club) will be issued by the Membership Secretary.

If you renew automatically by direct debit you should have received your 2020 membership card by email on or around 18th December. Otherwise you will receive your membership card by email after BO have received your renewal payment.

The SN club element of your membership fee has been reduced this year. Our rates are now £10 for seniors, £3 for juniors and £17 for a family unit. This is added to the BO element of your membership automatically when you rejoin SN through BO (and BO reimburses SN automatically - you don't need to pay anything directly to SN). Local members will need to pay SN directly.

Please renew promptly and consider switching to direct debit so you won't have to remember in future (a direct debit form is downloadable from the BO website membership renewal page). You will need to be a confirmed 2020 member to enter major events such as Compass Sport Cup, JK and British Championships, which all have entry closing dates quite early in the New Year.

Please remember to select the renewal option when you update your membership, otherwise it will rejoin you as a new member and give you a brand new membership number.

If you are not sure whether or not you have renewed for 2020, then you will need to contact BO because (unhelpfully) it does not tell you within your view-able membership details when you log in to BO. The BO National Office reopens on Thursday 2nd January 2020 after a seasonal break.