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SEOUL Frimley Urban, 7th July

Results and photos

Last edited: Sun 7 Jul 2019

We think we have now sorted out all the results queries and uploaded to SEOUL for league points, and to British Orienteering for rankings.

Thank you to Steve Rush (BOK) for uploading some photos from the event, linked here. If you were the SOC competitor photographed climbing over a fence near control 226 (across a mapped olive green area, and despite the "Orienteers - DO NOT CROSS" sign which is clearly visible in the shot) then we invite you to notify us and disqualify yourself. We will not be welcomed back to areas if we cannot follow our own rules.

Routegadget is not yet smart enough to handle the "optional" controls at the railway crossing on courses 1 and 2 - we hope that won't spoil your post race analysis too much. It was good to see some different routes used on legs where we provided you with some choice.

Most of the disqualifications seemed to relate to the nearby controls 220 and 236 near Frimley Station, but a variety of others were missed by some of you.

"Operation Starbucks" saved the day after our generator failed with no warning symptoms, and maybe a few more of you then stopped for a coffee and made it worthwhile for them!

A big thank you to the SN helper and official team, and thank you all for coming.