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SN 2017 Club Championships

Wisley, 2nd December

Last edited: Tue 14 Nov 2017

This year's Championships will be at the Wisley Saturday Series event on 2nd December. There will be separate courses reserved for SN members only.

We will extend the start window and course closure times as required to ensure all helpers can run.

The event is open to all British Orienteering members who have SN as their primary club for 2017. It is a straight race, no handicapping, with separate courses for Men and Women - broadly equivalent to Blue and Green standard respectively (these courses will be for SN club championships only on the day). Juniors (up to M/W14) will run the Orange course (shared with other Saturday Series competitors).

Please could current trophy holders return their trophies to Team Captain (Paul Fox) on or before the day of the event so they are available to present to the winners.