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SN Handicap trophy goes to Mike Bray

Runner up Matt Grant

Last edited: Thu 15 Jun 2017

More than 30 SN members and a few guests enjoyed a warm sunny evening at Velmead and an excellent course planned by Lucy, with a mix of long and short legs, and butterfly loops to break things up near the end.

The key tactic with the SN Handicap is to run badly enough for the preceding year to get the most generous handicap you could hope for, and then show your true potential on the night! With a relatively early start, Mike was clearly up for it, as there were reports of mild barging and "dibbing interference" from at least one other competitor as he worked his way to the front. Matt ran well to come through to second from his much later start slot.

Thanks to Jon for sorting out the handicaps and start sequence. The technical and physical sections of the course created a larger spread of times than usual, and finishers were well separated at the end. Most stayed for the award of the trophies whilst providing evening fodder for the local mosquitoes.

Thanks to Lucy and her helpers on the night. In addition to the trophy, Mike also walked away with the added prize of planning next year's event!