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Last edited: Sun 15 Oct 2017

2017 SN League Winners were Simon Dunkley and Lucy Paton – congratulations to them. New rankings and handicaps for the 2018 league are as follows:

Sn Rankings

Sn Handicaps

Final 2017 League Results

Simon Dunkley put in another great run at Alice Holt and is now only catchable by Frank Townley, and only if Frank can pull off the run of his year at the final event. Lucy Paton did not manage to improve her standing at Alice Holt but she has done well enough throughout the year to be just about certain of overall women’s victory, even with the 10 bonus points on offer at the final event Katie Clark will have to have the run of her life to catch her.

Only two events to go in the 2017 SN League:

Currently Simon Dunkley and Frank Townley lead the Men’s League while Lucy Paton is top of the Women’s League.