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SN local events (update 31st May)

Last edited: Fri 23 Apr 2021

Organised outdoor sporting activities have resumed, subject to the necessary landowner permissions. National governing body Covid-safe protocols will apply.

Entry limits and restrictions may still apply. Keep an eye on the website and your inbox.

We have regular Wednesday evening training activities from April to September, free of charge, but currently for SN members only. Newcomers please contact us in advance for advice. Details are in the events section of the SN website.

Virtual and solo-O courses are still available, but the taped control sites for the solo-O courses are no longer being actively maintained.

Our biggest challenge is obtaining permission from landowners, both for competition areas and parking. Even as lockdown restrictions are eased, landowners have different policies regarding what they are allowing.

The postponed Wisley event (from Dec 2020) cannot now take place until the autumn at the earliest due to nature constraints.

Alice Holt has been rearranged for Saturday 12th June. There is still an entry limit and other requirements imposed by Forestry England. Those who had entered originally will have been sent further information via Race Signup. SN members have been contacted by email. Other events are being planned as areas hopefully become available to us again.

There are a few things you will need to be prepared for when we do get back into the forest, because we will be adhering to the British Orienteering Covid-safe protocols, including the Participant Code of Conduct published on the BO website here. In particular, please be aware that these initial SN re-start events may be:

  • limited numbers and/or SN-only due to constraints imposed by landowners
  • very limited on facilities and infrastructure (no use of buildings, and often no toilets)
  • confirmed and finalised at relatively short notice
  • deliberately not aimed at complete beginners/novices (we're currently unable to offer much direct assistance/tuition due to social distancing), and groups/shadowing may be discouraged
  • strictly pre-entry only - this enables capture of details for 'track and trace' purposes, and avoids the personal interactions associated with on-the-day entries and payments
  • operated with the absolute minimum number of officials and volunteers to minimise social contact and to reduce pressure on any attendance limits (so unfortunately, none of the usual free runs if you offer to help - we simply won't need the usual armies of helpers)
  • a little more expensive than usual because of pre-entry service costs, and the need to recover any fixed costs from the smaller numbers participating

Continue to check the British Orienteering events listings here for anything which is open to all. Fixtures are rapidly reappearing now that outdoor sports are once again allowed.

For Solo-O and virtual orienteering opportunities you can find more detail on SN website, including the SN MapRun league (which is temporarily suspended). Other clubs may also have similar virtual activities in publicly accessible or urban areas once travel restrictions are lifted.

There were plans for a Southern England GPS Orienteering League (SEGOL) for 2021 - provisional details here. These are most likely to be urban events intended as a substitute for the Southern England Orienteering Urban League (SEOUL) if that does not go ahead.

We're not going fully back to normal yet, but we are exploring several ideas to provide whatever we can, so you can get out again with a map and compass (or Smartphone!).