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SN Superstars

Well done to the winners and the organisers!

Last edited: Sun 23 Jul 2017

Results: Superstars Final Scores 2017

A big thank you to Ross, Jon, Iain and Brian and all their helpers. Thank you (nearly 80 of you!) for supporting the event. Well done to the winners: Emily Butter, Tommy Rollins, Jenny Bray and Tim Beale. For a message from Ross, read more below ...

Message from the organising committee:

On behalf of the SN Superstars Committee, many thanks to the 80 odd of you who came out to play!

Thanks especially to all the helpers/volunteers who helped ensure the events could take place with minimum fuss.

As the majority of you are aware this is only the second time that we have put on such an event in it's current guise.

It takes a lot of coordination to get the area, plan fun events, get the equipment, coordinate the BBQ, chase for payments, calculate the winners and endeavour to complete the whole thing in a few hours!

Each year we learn a few more things; such as:

  1. Next Year we will do only 5 events (last year there was 7).
  2. We will make sure the keys open all the gates in advance.
  3. Make sure the balloons don't stick together as you missed out on getting soaked!
  4. We will include the Bleep test as the majority of you were disappointed that you missed out on the opportunity this year!
  5. We will try and get at least two more members on to the SN Superstars Committee to help as drink beer at winter training and plan some fiendish events for you next year!

If you have, any feedback, please email it to snaggerseditors [at], so we can ensure that what we organise for you each year is even better!

Naturally this sort of multi-event format will be chaotic, but hopefully we managed to make it look like we had a vague idea of what we were doing! :-)

Finally, congratulations to the provisional winners (results are currently being reviewed by a UN Task force).

Ross, Iain, Brian and Jon