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Try Virtual Oing - Fleet-O

Oing from the comfort of your home

Last edited: Tue 24 Mar 2020

Try for fun a bit of map translation as you virtually run a course in the streets of Fleet

How to play

The idea is using the attached map move to each control in turn via Google maps and streetview so you can answer the following questions ...see table below

This is all for fun but would be great to get your answers and what time you take. Its all self timing from the moment you go to the start triangle here.

So using the map, along with Google streetview move around the course in order and answer these questions... the clock starts as soon as you start and the clock stops once you have the last answer.


When you have done please feel free to email me at your result with your answers, name and time.

Question Sheet

Control 1Between What time can you not wait here ?
Control 2Who provides the containers ?
Control 3What is the maximum parking time ?
Control 4What is the maximum headroom ?
Control 5What is the colour of the number plate of No 8 ?
Control 6What number is on the lampost by the green bin ?
Control 7What colour is the garage door at the end of the road on the South Side ?
Control 8 What service is provided at the shop on the NW end of shops ?
Control 9Whats my top speed over the ramp ?
Control 10What colour is the "tailoring" on the east side of the road ?

Current results

Katherine Bett 11:53

Sue Bett 17:08

Mike Chittenden 17:10

Margaret Brown 17:57

Pete Jones 18:00

Deb Robinson 18:54

Richard Barrett 25:00

Alan Wallis 26:00

Angela Darley 33:00

Sarah Darley 39:54

Amiee Darley 46:35