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Code of Conduct

Last edited: Wed 19 Sep 2018

Club Members shall:

  • Respect the rights and dignity of every member, official and participant in orienteering.
  • Participate within the spirit of fair play and never condone rule violations.
  • Accept primary responsibility for personal safety when participating in orienteering, including appropriate clothing, equipment and hydration/nutrition.
  • Display courtesy and good manners towards members of the public encountered during events.
  • Report any suspected misconduct by members or other people involved in the club.

In additional, Club Committee members shall:

  • Run the club in a responsible manner.
  • Promote the provision of orienteering events, at appropriate levels, taking into account any guidance provided at the club AGM.
  • Promote the provision of training for club members, appropriate for the experience and ability of participants.
  • Encourage the training and development of those members who wish to give back to the sport through organising, planning or controlling events; or through coaching, mapping, or other worthwhile activity.
  • Communicate to club members any relevant changes in the rules of the sport, or related policies, in an appropriate manner.
  • Take appropriate steps to adopt relevant policies required by British Orienteering.
  • Prioritise the welfare and safety of members and participants ahead of performance.
  • Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others including bullying, harassment or abuse.
  • Act on any reported misconduct by club officers or members.

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