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Eligibility for SN Team Events and Entry Fee Subsidy

Last edited: Fri 19 Aug 2016

SN enters teams in the following events, provided sufficient members wish to compete:

SN enters teams in the following events, provided sufficient members wish to compete:

1) UK Relay League competitions:

  • British Relay Championships
  • JK Relays
  • Scottish Relay Championships
  • Harvester Trophy

Participants must be British Orienteering members. Teams are generally entered through the Club. SN must be the participants’ “membership club”, or nominated “open” club if the membership club is a “closed” club such as BAOC (British Orienteering 2014 Rules 8.1).

SN may choose to establish a Neighbouring Club Alliance as permitted under British Orienteering Competition Rules so that teams in the Men’s and Women’s Premier/Open classes at UK Relay League events can be formed from members of either club. This must be formally sanctioned by British Orienteering at the start of each calendar year and will be confirmed by the Team Captain if applicable.

2) Compass Sport Cup:

Participants must be British Orienteering members, and SN must be the “membership club” or nominated “open” club.

3) SEOA Team Competitions:

  • SE Relay
  • SE Score Championship

Participating clubs must be affiliated to SEOA (SN is affiliated) and team members must belong to the regional association, which implies they must also be members of British Orienteering. SN members could belong to either SEOA or SCOA (because the club belongs to both regions), so it has been agreed with SEOA that SN teams will be recognized as eligible even if some/all members of that team are SCOA members.

4) Junior Team Competitions:

  • Peter Palmer Relays
  • Yvette Baker Trophy

Team members must be British Orienteering members, OR members of an educational establishment that has a formal association with SN (e.g. school participating in the SN Junior League). For Yvette Baker Trophy all participants must be M/W 20 or younger. For Peter Palmer Relays all participants must be from M/W 12 to M/W 18 inclusive (M/W 10 and M/W 20 specifically excluded).

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