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Policy for Entry Fee Subsidy

Last edited: Thu 23 Dec 2021

The Club may encourage participation in official SN teams by offering an entry fee subsidy.

The level of subsidy is guided by an annual budget agreed by the Committee, and is confirmed on an event-by-event basis as notified by the Team Captain. The maximum subsidy for seniors will be 50% of the advertised entry fee for the earliest closing date. Juniors may be offered a higher subsidy, including where they 'run up' in a senior class. Any eligible member of an officially entered SN team will qualify for the appropriate subsidy.

Members of other “closed” clubs may choose to run competitively for SN as their nominated
“open” club in any given year, in accordance with British Orienteering Rules Section 8, Eligibility
(specifically Rule 8.1). Such members will also qualify for entry fee subsidy where appropriate.

SN members may choose to enter other team-based competitions, but generally these will not be
as official SN club teams (e.g. White Rose Relays, Army Harris Relays) and will not qualify for
subsidised entry fees.

Further information on British Orienteering competition rules

Available via the British Orienteering web site. Follow links to Rules, Appendices and Guidelines
for the specific team events and competitions.
Event Rules Section 8 – Eligibility (rule 8.1 covers “open” and “closed” clubs)
Competition Rules D – British Relays (includes list of Championship classes)
Competition Rules H – JK Relays (includes list of Championship classes)
Competition Rules K – Harvester Trophy (includes handicaprules)
Competition Rules L – Yvette Baker Trophy
Competition Rules M – Peter Palmer Junior Team Relay – Compass Sport Cup (includes course/class
combinations and scoring system)

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