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Privacy Policy

Last edited: Sat 8 Dec 2018

Southern Navigators (“we”, “us”, “the club”) is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected, and as such operates policies appropriate for a small non-profit voluntary organisation. Any personal information provided to us will be used in accordance with these policies.

Applicable to all:
All the personal data we use is ultimately provided voluntarily by you (or by parents / guardians on your behalf)

We may receive some data indirectly, from: a third party agreed by you; our national governing body (British Orienteering); other orienteering clubs or organisations; third-party event-entry systems; or social media
We will only use that part of your personal information that is relevant for the particular purposeWe keep data for efficient operation, and to avoid repeated requests for the same information.

When data is no longer required we will discard or delete it in an appropriate manner, taking reasonable steps to avoid it becoming available to third parties
People expressing an interest in orienteering:Contact details, including name, address, phone numbers, email address, and any associated club, school or youth group.

Details of how and when you contacted us, and which of our events you may have attended
To send you information on the club and on orienteeringWhile you continue to be interested in receiving information from us, and for up to 3 years thereafter
Club members:Contact details, as above

Relevant qualifications or skills

Photographs or video of club members

Data to assist in event / competition entries, including British Orienteering membership number, gender, year of birth, SI/Emit card numbers, and regional affiliation

Details of financial transactions, such as purchase of club kit, payment for social activities, and event entries

Where applicable, data for the safeguarding of young people or vulnerable adults (which could include some sensitive data)
For efficient administration of the club, including, but not limited to: arranging events and activities; training & coaching; management of officials; competition entries; social activities; and publication of the club website, magazine & membership listRecords of achievements, office holders, and other data relating to club history are kept indefinitely.

Contact and other personal details are kept while you continue to be a club member and for up to 3 years thereafter
Volunteers (whether or not as a club member):Contact details, as above
Relevant data to assist in the administration of volunteers at events, which may include a photograph and/or car registration
Organisation of the event for which you are volunteering, and/or provision of data to the organiser if external to the clubUntil such time as you tell us you no longer wish to volunteer with us, then for the period required by any relevant liability insurer
Participants in orienteering or other events organised by the club:Data relating to your entry to a particular event, including contact details, age class, club or group, gender, course, SI-card number, and route analysis

In some cases, data relating to your payment for the event

Possibly photographs or video coverage of participants

You may decide to provide us with relevant sensitive personal data, in a sealed envelope, to be used only in the event of an accident or injury to you
For the efficient administration of the event

In provision of the results of the event, usually via the club website (which will not include contact details)

Distribution of the results, where appropriate, to British Orienteering, to other orienteering-related organisations, and to appropriate media organisations
Published results of events are a public record, will be kept indefinitely, and where appropriate provided to British Orienteering

Financial data is retained only until payment is completed

Contact information provided for an event by non-members will be kept for the period required by any relevant liability insurer. Contact information for other entrants is not retained, unless required, e.g for trophy winners.

Any unreclaimed sensitive data will be securely destroyed, without being read, within 7 days of the event
Landowners:Contact details, including those of any relevant agents, tenants, or other third partiesContact in relation to the organisation of an eventWhile we continue to use the land for orienteering


We manage the content of our website, but the technical operation is managed by a third party. Use of the website means that some essential non-personal information is collected from you, such as browser, operating system, and requested pages. The server and server management software carries out some logging of IP addresses, mainly to identify errors or cyber-attacks, and collects some statistics on page views and visitor numbers, but we do not have ready access to such data. A session cookie is created when you access the website; it contains no identifiable information and will be deleted when you close your browser. Users with administration rights to the website have a persistent cookie set that monitors when they last logged in.


We may collect, keep, and distribute your data in both electronic and paper form. We will take reasonable steps to ensure your data is secure. We will not provide your personal data to third parties, other than as indicated above, unless we have your consent or are required by law to do so.

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, implemented in the UK by the Data Protection Act 2018, you have the right to request to see any personal information we may hold about you – please contact the Club Secretary via the website in the first instance. We may ask you for appropriate identification, and some details of the source or location of the information you are requesting. If you discover that any of the personal information that we hold for you is incorrect, please contact us. You have the right to withdraw consent for use of your data, but in some cases this may mean that we can no longer provide you with the appropriate service. In some circumstances you may have the right to request deletion of your data. You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you think we are not complying with the relevant legislation.

Data provided to us from other sources may also subject to the policies of those providers, which will differ from ours. If we have correctly provided data to third parties, or if you click on external links from the club website, then responsibility passes to those parties, and this privacy policy will no longer apply in respect of any data passed over.

We may change this policy as and when necessary; it is your responsibility to check periodically to ensure you agree with any changes.

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