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Helpers Information

Last edited: Mon 30 May 2022

So you have been asked to help/organise/plan an event for SN, well you started right by coming here first. Whether you are supporting a junior league/Saturday open series event or a National, the information on these pages can be useful. This web page has a collection of links, ideas and guidelines that may help you through making that first event a success.



  • For our Saturday Series events here is an outline of helpers required for most events in our post-covid setup with entry online:

Note that early shift includes setup and late shift includes packing up

TaskShift TimesEarly Shift VolunteersLate Shift Volunteers
Car Park(9.15-11) (11-12.30)2 (venue-specific)Often not required
Registration / dibbers
(9.15 -11) (11-12.30)11
Welcome / floating
(9.15 -11) (11-12.30)11
Download(9.15 -11) (11-12.30)11
Starts(9.30 -11) (11-12.00)2 or 32 (packup starts at 11.30)
Control hanging8ish (ask the planner!)2 (depends on planner)Not required
Control collectionBegins at 12.30Not required3+ (ask the planner)
Road Crossing(9.45-11) (11-12.30)Venue-specificVenue-specific



  • Useful mapping information is maintained by BF including symbol sets for OCAD at the British Orienteering mappers support page
  • OCAD HowTo's, visual guides to using OCAD.
  • Most of the club maps are in OCAD version 9.2. (Do not later versions of OCAD: any map updates made are not back-compatible so may cause problems).
  • You can also use CONDES if you have a licensed copy, or Open Orienteering Mapper

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