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Helpers Information

Last edited: Wed 19 Sep 2018

So you have been asked to help/organise/plan an event for SN, well you started right by coming here first. Whether you are supporting a junior league/Saturday open series event or a National, the information on these pages can be useful. This web page has a collection of links, ideas and guidelines that may help you through making that first event a success.




  • If you are a planner of a SN event, try this as some good data ... Planning Guidelines
  • British Orienteering planners Information.
  • See the Links page for links to Purple Pen, OCAD and Condes.
  • We use ‘Purple Pen’ planning software for almost all events. It is free software, and simple to use.
  • OCAD: If the map needs updating it needs to be done in OCAD version 9.2. Contact the mapping officer for advice, of for a list of club members who can help. If you do not have this please arrange for a disc to be collected/sent from Steve McKinley. (Do not later versions of OCAD: any map updates made are not back-compatible so may cause problems).
  • You can also use CONDES if you have a licensed copy.
  • Once you have finished your planning please send a copy to Steve McKinley so he can prepare the files for Routegadget.
  • Simple Maps For Street Events - February 2018 SNaggers article
  • March 2018 planning course. Slide presentation: SN Planning Workshop 2018 V1 . Alternatively as pdf (6 slides per page): SN Planning Workshop 2018 V1


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