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SN League

Last edited: Fri 6 Jan 2023

Rules and Information about the league.

Rules of the competition:

  • Open to all members of Southern Navigators Orienteering Club.
  • A single league with prizes for first woman and first man
  • The league will be based on the best 5 performances in qualifying events
  • There will be 10-12 qualifying events in each year: the 7 Saturday Series events; the SN handicap; and at least two summer events
  • All qualifying events will be marked in the calendar section on the SN website
  • The league organiser will set handicaps based upon age, gender and a rating.
  • The age and gender ratings will be from 1 (fastest) to 20 based on the last two years performance.
  • Details of how handicaps are set
  • List of 2022 handicaps - and proposed 2023 handicaps
  • Competitors may run either Blue or Green courses
  • The competitors target time is determined by multiplying their handicap by the height-adjusted course length
  • The height –adjusted course length is the length of the course in Km plus 1km for each 100m of climb the course has.
  • Competitors score points equal to their target time / actual time (as a percentage)
  • The final event of the season carries an extra 10pts (including for the planner)
  • If two or more people are equal in points the winner will be determined by looking at the best 6 events and if that is drawn then the best 7 etc.
  • The league organisers decision is final
  • Rankings will be reviewed at the end of each season (with a half year review for anyone scoring exceptionally well)

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