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SN MapRunF League

Last edited: Sat 9 Jan 2021

How the league will work

- Using the MapRunF app

- Two new courses released every fortnight (long and short)

- Open for 9 days, including two weekends. We will be collating results from this time period, although you can run it at any time.

- Scoring by time and using an age/gender adjusted score (thanks to Jon Magee!)

- Approx half of results will count (eg best 5 of 9 events, best 5 of 8 events)

- Urban races which cross roads - juniors aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. We are looking at doing some park races more suitable for juniors.

Farnham LongUsing MapRunF

- The app can be downloaded for a smartphone, with GPS enabled. It will beep when you get to the location of the control.

- If you have a super-fancy GPS watch, you can download MapRunG and add it on there. Google it. I don't know how it works!

- The courses can be accessed by going to (e.g.) Select Event -> UK -> Surrey -> ElvethamHeath_Nov20

- You will need the PIN number for the course (see below)

- It is highly recommended that you print the pdf of the map. It's much easier than looking at a phone, and the control circles are more accurately located.

- You can run the courses without MapRunF - just print the map and go. If you want, you can submit your time (to me at, but we may give you a time penalty for not using the app!

Race DateDetailsMapsResultsLeague
Farnham Streets12th DecLong Course 5.8km

Short Course 3.2km

Results Long

Results Short
Bagshot23rd NovLong Course 5.4km
Short Course 3.2km

Parking behind co-op see google



Elvetham Heath14/Nov
Long course 5.8km (approx 8km ) - double sided map - PIN 1462

Short course 3km (approx 4.3km ) - PIN 7052

Parking- Morrisons car park, or Elvetham Heath Community Centre



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