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Last edited: Tue 20 Nov 2018

Southern Navigators (SN) welcomes new members of all ages, from complete beginners through to experienced orienteers. The club is affiliated to British Orienteering, the sport’s national governing body, and you join the club via British Orienteering (see below for details).

Membership consists of three levels: club, regional association, and national governing body British Orienteering. SN is on the boundary of two regional associations: South Central (SCOA) which includes Hampshire and Berkshire, and South East (SEOA) which includes Surrey.

Membership Benefits

Club membership includes:

  • SNaggers, the award-winning club magazine with 6 issues per annum
  • Discounted entry fees at SN events
  • Further reduced or free entries for helpers at SN events
  • Free weekly summer evening orienteering activities
  • Free monthly winter urban orienteering activities
  • Subsidised entry fees in SN teams at major relay and club team competitions
  • Eligibility for club championship, handicap championship, & club league
  • Opportunity to purchase club kit
  • Social events, including the annual Xmas dinner and prize-giving
  • For juniors, eligibility to join the club junior squad and training sessions

Regional membership includes:

  • Eligibility for regional championships (Individual in SCOA; Individual, Middle, Sprint and Night in SEOA), and Southern area Individual and Night Championships
  • Opportunity to score for the club in regional league events
  • For juniors, eligibility for selection to regional junior squad and training.

(SN members should probably choose the region in which they are most likely to orienteer).

British Orienteering membership includes:

  • Discounted entry to other club's events (typically by £2 for seniors)
  • Discounts from national companies through the member discount scheme (click here for a full list of discounts available)
  • The option to sign up for a range of e-newsletters
  • Eligibility to compete in British Championships
  • Eligibility to compete in the United Kingdom Orienteering League
  • Eligibility to apply for awards under the British Orienteering Badge Scheme
  • Access to the ‘Navigational Challenge’ and ‘Racing Challenge’ Incentive Scheme
  • Opportunity to qualify to represent your country at international competitions
  • For seniors, participation in the national rankings scheme
  • Public Liability Insurance when participating in events and activities registered with British Orienteering
  • Access to training for coaches and officials
  • Papers and vote at the British Orienteering AGM
  • Access to a members only section of the website

How much does membership cost?

Membership is by calendar year, and the table below shows the cost for 2019. (Anyone joining in November or December pay the fee for the following year, and gets 14 or 13 months membership respectively). Senior membership is for those aged 21 or older on 31 December of the membership year. Junior membership is for those aged 20 or younger on 31 December of the membership year.

Junior SeniorFamily
Club £4 £13£20

Association (SCOA), or

Association (SEOA)





Appropriate senior & junior fees
British Orienteering £5 £11Appropriate senior & junior fees

Total Fees (SCOA) or

Total Fees (SEOA)




£20 plus region and national fees

(*There is a per-capita affiliation fee of £2 payable on behalf on members choosing SCOA affiliation, but this is currently paid by the club)

JOIN Southern Navigators NOW

This takes you to the British Orienteering website to complete the online form. The club will be be pre-filled using this link, you can select the regional association and just add your personal details.

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