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Permanent Orienteering Courses

Last edited: Thu 14 Apr 2022

Permanent courses give you the opportunity to try out orienteering without any pressure. They can also be used by experienced orienteers for training.

A Permanent Orienteering Course is a perfect way for getting active, enjoying the scenery and green spaces with your family, or as a chance to get outdoors for a competitive time trial.

The challenge is to discover checkpoints in the form of posts or plaques, in forests, heathlands, parks and green spaces across the UK. The combination of physical and mental exercise often in stunning locations is like no other, and you can find, navigate and complete courses at any time, and at your own pace. You just need a map to get you started!

In Southern Navigators we have two such POCs, as given below but other information of POCs all around the country and details of what to expect can be found at Go Orienteering

Alice Holt

For Alice Holt maps: Packs cost £2.00 and are available from the Cafe on the Green (7 days a a week) or the Forest Office on site (Monday to Friday between 9am - 4:30pm). The pack contains the maps, course information and suggested routes.

Alice Holt | Bucks Horn Oak | Farnham | Surrey | GU10 4LS Telephone 01483 326266

Oakley Park

For Oakley Park (Albany Road, Fleet). This Permanent Course was created by The Friends of Oakley Park in conjunction with Southern Navigators and with funding from Hampshire County Council. Ideal for Scouts, Guides, School groups and families with young children. Maps and course information can be obtained by visiting and using the mail link to request the map

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