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Club Awards

Last edited: Wed 10 Jul 2024

Info about the competitions and the winners of the awards.

SN Club Championships

Held annually (usually in the late autumn) at an event as nominated by the SN Team Captain and endorsed by the Committee. Champions are determined by the fastest time on the nominated course. There are separate championships for Men, Women and Juniors.

Eligibility: Senior championships (Men and Women) open to current members of SN, provided SN is their first claim or only club. Members of Closed clubs who do not hold an annual championship may be allowed to compete with the agreement of the SN Team Captain. Junior championship (M/W14 and under as determined by year of birth, not school year) open to current members of SN and any others who have completed three or more SN events running for a school in the Schools League.

Typical Championship Courses:

Men – Blue Course
Women – Green Course
Junior (M/W 14-) – Orange Course


Current Trophy; Wooden Trophy

Year Venue Champion Runner-up
2023 Heyshott and Ambersham Commons Tim Beale Thomas Howell
2022 Swinley East (Buttersteep) Peter Daplyn James Lyne
2021 Hogmoor Inclosure Tommy Rollins Pete Jones
2020 Not Held (Covid-19)
2019 Headley Heath
Frank Townley Peter Daplyn
2018 Tilgate Frank Townley Thomas Howell
2017 Wisley Thomas Howell Laurence Townley
2016 Esher Common Richard Barrett Laurence Townley
2015 Kings Garn Gutter Laurence Townley Thomas Howell
2014 Pamber Heath Tim Beale Dave Rollins
2013 Heyshott & Ambersham Neil Kerrison Tim Beale
2012 Mytchett Neil Kerrison Laurence Townley
2011 Puttenham Neil Kerrison Tim Beale
2010 Sheepleas Peter Kelly Peter Jones
2009 Queen Elizabeth Country Park Steve McKinley Ross Maclagan
2008 Waggoners Wells Peter Bray Tim Beale
2007 Blackwood Steve Keyes Peter Bray
2006 Chawton Park Ian Ditchefield Tom Frost
2005 Blackheath Paul Keeble Pete Jones
2004 Chapel Common Justin Williams Pete Jones
2003 Ambersham Steve Keyes Jeremy Edwards
2002 Micheldever Steve McKinley Pete Jones
2001 Iron Wells Steve McKinley Paul Keeble
2000 Ash Calvin Routledge Dave Rollins
1999 Puttenham Pete Jones Justin Williams
1998 Hankley Common Paul Keeble ---
1997 Whitmoor Pete Jones Justin Williams
1996 Headley Heath Steve Keyes Pete Jones
1995 Chobham Common Steve Keyes Paul Keeble
1994 Puttenham Pete Jones Andy Britton
1993 Waggoners Wells Steve Keyes Jeremy Edwards
1992 Wendover Woods Pete Kelly Simon Beck
1991 Chantries Paul Hague Bill Edwards
1990 Pippingford Park Pete James ---
1989 Hankley common Pete Kelly Pete Jones
1988 Banstead & Walton Steve Keyes ---
1987 Puttenham Steve Keyes Bob Horlock
1986 Ruislip woods Steve Keyes Tim Watkins
1985 Devils Punch Bowl Tim Watkins Frank Edge
1984 Hawley & Hornley Tim Watkins ---
1983 Warren Heath Mark Elgood Tim Watkins
1982 Crowthorne Tim Watkins Mark Elgood
1981 Ash Ranges Bob Webb Bob Horlock
1980 Westerham Chart Wilf Taylor Mark Dooris
1979 Woburn Sands Chris James Tom Lillicrap
1978 Christmas common Tom Lillicrap Mark Dooris
1977 Cromwell & Aston Tom Lillicrap Chris James
1976 Gallowtree common Chris James Hugh Drummond
1975 ? Chris Morris Chris James
1974 Bookham Dave Thomas Chris Morris
1973 Redlands Chris James
1972 Devils Punchbowl Peter Warner Mac Gollifer


New Trophy – Ladies engraved silver plate. (Old trophy – damaged : framed, engraved copper map of Surrey)

Year Venue Champion Runner-up
2023 Heyshott and Ambersham Commons Laura Barrett Sarah Darley
2022 Swinley East (Buttersteep) Jocie Hilton Katherine Bett
2021 Hogmoor Inclosure Frida Forshallen Katherine Bett
2020 Not Held (Covid-19)
2019 Headley Heath Mel Slade Katherine Bett
2018 Tilgate Kitty Bray Martha Paton
2017 Wisley Mel Slade Debra Robinson
2016 Esher Common Sarah Rollins Mel Slade
2015 Kings Garn Gutter Mel Slade Martha Paton
2014 Pamber Heath Sarah Rollins Mel Slade
2013 Heyshott & Ambersham Sue Bett Megan Bett
2012 Mytchett Sue Bett Karyn Burns
2011 Puttenham Ruth Holmes Sue Bett
2010 Sheepleas Sue Bett Katherine Bett
2009 Queen Elizabeth Country Park Sarah Francis Kitty Bray
2008 Waggoners Wells Sarah Francis Jane Archer
2007 Blackwood Gill Prowse Sue Bett
2006 Chawton Park Sarah Francis Kitty Bray
2005 Blackheath Sue Skinner Kitty Bray
2004 Chapel Common Sue Skinner Sarah Francis
2003 Ambersham Sue Skinner Kitty Bray
2002 Micheldever Sue Skinner Sarah Francis
2001 Iron Wells Sue Skinner Karen Williams (Lee)
2000 Ash Sue Bett Jane Archer
1999 Puttenham Sue Bett Sue Skinner
1998 Hankley Common Jenny Bowen-Davis ---
1997 Whitmoor Sue Skinner ---
1996 Headley Heath Jo Ashby (Kanssen) Karen Williams (Lee)
1995 Chobham Common Paula Keyes El Taylor
1994 Puttenham Karen Lee Amelia Bell
1993 Waggoners Wells Beverly Walters-Davies Paula Keyes
1992 Wendover Woods Karen Lee Julie Burchett
1991 Chantries Beverly Walters-Davies Julie Burchett
1990 Pippingford Park Jenny James Claire Crocker
1989 Hankley common Paula Nixon Alison Wailes
1988 Banstead & Walton Jenny James Paula Nixon
1987 Puttenham Anne Cousins Sue Wood
1986 Ruislip woods Frances Watkins Alison Waide
1985 Devils Punch Bowl Frances Watkins Anne Cousins
1984 Hawley & Hornley Jenny James Frances Watkins
1983 Warren Heath Frances Watkins Bridget Jardine
1982 Crowthorne Frances Watkins (Lumb) Jo Kanssen
1981 Ash Ranges Frances Lumb Jo Kanssen
1980 Westerham Chart Frances Lumb Sue Truby
1979 Woburn Sands Louise Barnes Susan Thomas
1978 Christmas common Sue Thomas Hilary Dooris
1977 Cromwell & Aston Katy Edwards Hilary Dooris
1976 Gallowtree common Hilary Dooris Denise Clifford-King
1975 ? Hilary Dooris Jean Kanssen
1974 Bookham Hilary Dooris Jean Kanssen
1973 Redlands ? ?
1972 Devils Punchbowl ? ?

SN Club Championships - Junior

Winners trophy: Oval-shaped red glass trophy with central star motif

Year Venue Champion Runner-up
2023 Heyshott and Ambersham Commons Owen Le Page ---
2022 Swinley East (Buttersteep) Jake Hilton Cicely Moller-Butcher
2021 Hogmoor Inclosure Aidan Hilton Ethan Daplyn
2020 Not Held (Covid-19)
2019 Headley Heath Charlotte Slade Ethan Daplyn
2018 Tilgate Jocie Hilton
Vincent Townley
2017 Wisley Laura Barrett Jocie Hilton
2016 Esher Common Vincent Townley Rosa Webb
2015 Kings Garn Gutter Robert Thorpe Frank Townley
2014 Pamber Heath Frank Townley Hamish Weir
2013 Heyshott & Ambersham Kai Magee Aya Magee
2012 Mytchett Kai Magee Thoman Howell
2011 Puttenham Thomas Howell Abigail Bateman
2010 Sheepleas Megan Bett ---
2009 Queen Elizabeth Country Park George Cairns Alex Bett
2008 Waggoners Wells Alex Bett Megan Bett
2007 Blackwood Katherine Bett Alex Bett

SN Shield/SN League

Rules to be advised by SN League coordinator.

Current Trophy; Cup for Men and Women

Year Men Women
2023 John Kelly Sarah Francis
2022 Ross Maclagan Sue Bett
2021 Not Held (Covid-19)
2020 Not Held (Covid-19)
2019 Paul Martin Katherine Bett
2018 Thomas Howell Melanie Slade
2017 Simon Dunkley Lucy Paton
2016 Adam Rose Melanie Slade
2015 Peter Daplyn Lucy Paton
2014 Sam Anderson Martha Paton
2013 Peter Daplyn Jane Archer
2012 Kai Magee Abigail Bateman
2011 Stephen Gurd Sue Bett
2010 Andrew Cairns Linda Cairns
2009 Steve McKinley Sue Bett
2008 Julian Greenslade Jenny Bray
2007 Tom Frost Jenny Bray
2006 Peter Bray/Pete Jones Kitty Bray
2005 Phil Beale Sue Bett
2004 Paul Keeble Kitty Bray
2003 Paul Fox Sue Cooles
2002 Matt Grant Sarah Francis
2001 Justin Williams Sarah Francis
2000 Pete Jones Heather Leppard
1999 Roger Jenkins Amelia Bell
1998 Justin Williams Karen Williams
1997 Steve McKinley Karen Williams (nee Lee)
1996 Steve McKinley ---
1995 ? ---
1994 Pete Jones El Taylor
1993 Pete Jones Karen Lee
1992 Bill Edwards El Taylor
1991 Pete Jones El Taylor
1990 Steve Keyes Kate Strudwicke
1989 Pete Jones ---
1988 Andy Britton El Taylor (nee Nicoll)
1987 Andy Britton El Nicoll
1986 Tim Watkins Alison Waide
1985 Tim Watkins Frances Watkins

SN Club Handicap Trophy

Rules to be advised by SN League coordinator.

Year Venue Champion Runner-up
2023 Hogmoor John Kelly Dave Chapman
2022 Rodborough Marc Ebanks Jake Hilton
2021 Bramshott Simon Dunkley Ross Maclagan
2020 Not Held (Covid-19)
2019 Swinley East
Gill Sharp Jenny Bray
2018 Long Valley South Frida Forshallen-Goodrich Oli Smith
2017 Velmead Mike Bray Matt Grant
2016 Norbury Park Martha Paton Pete Jones
2015 Fleet Ponds Sam Anderson Peter Daplyn
2014 Ash South Paul Emmerson Mel Slade
2013 Bagshot Thomas Howell Peter Daplyn
2012 Frith Hill Laurence Townley Paul Fox
2011 Farnham Park Marcus Bateman Stephen Gurd
2010 Horsell Common Mike Bray Paul Wallace-Stock
2009 Alice Holt John Brown Peter Bray
2008 Bagshot Alan Wallis Steve Keyes
2007 Frith Hill Adrian Butter Martin Jackson
2006 Bagshot Tom Bray Adrian Butter
2005 Long Valley Tom Frost Calvin Routledge
2004 Frith Hill Martin Jackson Steve McKinley
2003 Long Valley Martin Skinner Alan Wallis
2002 Bagshot Matt Grant Tom Bray
2001 Wisley Mike Bell John Brown
2000 Ash Paul Wallace-Stock Sarah Francis
1999 Frith Mike Bell John Waters
1998 Long Valley Alan Wallis Pete Jones
1997 Mytchett Steve Peacock Paul Wallace-Stock
1996 Whitmoor Dave Lane Alan Wallis
1995 Alice Holt Justin Williams Paul Wallace-Stock
1994 Swinley El Taylor Paul Keeble
1993 Frith Hill Ian Flegg Paul Kanssen
1992 Star Posts Jean Kanssen Alan Stanley
1991 Headley Heath Mac Gollifer Tom Stanley
1990 not held --- ---
1989 Yateley Andy Britton Alan Wallis
1988 Hindhead Pete Jones Andy Britton
1987 Lightwater Mike Bray Mac Gollifer
1986 Bagshot Heath Adrian Stephens Steve Halligan
1985 Midhurst Common Mike Little Dave Lane
1984 Broadstone warren Jenny Bray Mike Bray
1983 Coombe Hill Gabrielle Churchill Adrian Stephens
1982 Wimbledon Common Simeon Warner Chris Adams
1981 Brasted Chart Peter James Peter Warner
1980 Chantries John Fletcher Mike Ballard
1979 Ruislip Woods Mary Thomas Jean Kanssen
1978 not held --- ---
1977 Hawley Common John Elliott Matthew Kanssen
1976 Whitedowns Tim Goss Ted Reeve
1975 Bagley wood Ken Dowling Dave Thomas
1974 Hindhead Vince Smith M Kanssen
1973 Redlands Mary Thomas Susan Thomas
1972 Devils Punchbowl Dave Thomas Terry Dooris

The David Thomas Memorial Award

Glass Bowl - Awarded for volunteer effort

Year Holder
2023 Lucy Paton
2022 Alan Wallis
2021 Gill Sharp
2020 Not awarded (Covid-19)
2019 Tony Painter
2018 Sue Bett
2017 Calvin Manning
2016 Ross Maclagan
2015 Sarah Francis
2014 Pete Jones
2013 Phil Beale
2012 Paul Fox
2011 Colin Swallow
2010 Jane Archer
2009 Steve McKinley
2008 John Brown
2007 Paul Keeble
2006 Paul Wallace-Stock

Improved Juniors

Awarded annually to a junior member of SN who has, in the opinion of the Team Captain, demonstrated consistent and significant improvement in performance during the year, as evidenced by event results, progression in technical difficulty of courses attempted, and recognition at regional or national level through selection for teams and/or coaching tours.

Year Most Improved Junior Best Junior Performance at the British
2023 Charlotte Lovegrove Tommy Rollins
2022 Aidan Hilton Jocie Hilton
2021 Ethan Daplyn Tommy Rollins
2020 Not Awarded (Covid-19)
2019 Tommy Rollins
Thomas Howell
2018 Jake Hilton
Frank Townley
2017 Jocie Hilton Sophie Edwards
2016 Frank Townley Laura Barrett
2015 Hamish Weir Hazel Williams
2014 Bella Williams Thomas Howell
2013 Murray Weir Thomas Howell
2012 Megan Bett Peter Bray
2011 Abagail Bateman Peter Bray
2010 Thomas Howell Peter Bray
2009 Kai Magee Katherine Bett
2008 ? ?
2007 Nicholas Bennett Peter Bray
2006 Katherine Bett ?
2005 ? ?
2004 ? ?
2003 ? ?
2002 Peter Bray Tom Bray
2001 Kitty Bray Tom Bray
2000 Caroline Leppard Tom Bray
1999 Tim Beale David & Jennifier Truby (joint award)
1998 Tom Bray Jennifer Truby
1997 ? Not Awarded
1996 A Lane Not Awarded
1995 R Hodgson A Lane
1994 A Lane Jeremy Edwards
1993 A Lane Jeremy Edwards
1992 Tom Stanley ?
1991 Roger Lewis Malcolm Wailes
1990 Daniel Delacoe Jeremy Edwards
1989 Malcolm Wailes Jeremy Edwards

The Terry Dooris Trophy

Awarded annually to the individuals who have, in the opinion of the Team Captain, achieved the best individual performances whilst competing as an SN member at a British Championship event during the calendar year

Mounted Glass Guinness Block - Awarded for Best senior performance at the British Long Distance Championships

Year Venue Holder
2023 Cold Ash Steve Keyes
2022 Golden Valley & Cognor Wood Tom Bray
2021 Braunton Burrows Sarah Rollins
2020 Not Held (Covid-19)
2019 Kilnsey Peter Bray
2018 Balmoral Estate Sarah Rollins
2017 High Dam Sarah Rollins
2016 Brown Clee Hill Mel Slade
2015 New Beechenhurst Ruth Holmes
2014 Callaly Sue Bett
2013 Winterfold Jeremy Edwards
2012 Dalegarth Ruth Holmes
2011 Wharncliffe Jeremy Edwards
2010 Cannock Chase Jeremy Edwards
2009 Hampton Ridge Sue Bett
2008 Culbin Steve Keyes

The SN Bandit Trophy

Mounted Golf bag and clubs- Awarded for Best performance at the annual inter golf club challenge

Year Venue Holder
2023 Puttenham Paul Wallace-Stock
2022 Puttenham Kai Magee
2021 Puttenham Steve Mckinley
2020 Puttenham Paul Wallace-Stock
2019 Chobham Jon Magee
2018 Chobham Evan Cairns
2017 Puttenham Evan Cairns
2016 Puttenham Ollie Smith
2015 Puttenham Kai Magee
2014 Puttenham E Cairns
2013 Puttenham P Bloch
2012 Puttenham P Wallace-Stock
2011 Puttenham J Edwards
2010 Puttenham G Cairns
2009 Puttenham G Cairns
2008 PuttenhamM Kensett

SN Superstars

YearMensLadiesBrian Pilling Boys AwardBrian Pilling Girls Award
2023Peter DaplynSarah DarleyJake HiltonCharlotte Slade
2022Thomas HowellLucy PatonEthan DaplynJocie Hilton
2021Not held -Covid-19
2020Not held -Covid-19
2019Ollie SmithSarah RollinsTommy RollinsJocie Hilton
2018Laurence TownleyMel SladeAidan HiltonLaura Barrett
2017Tim BealeJenny BrayTommy RollinsEmily Butter
2016Peter DaplynMartha PatonOllie SmithAimee Darley

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