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Harvester Competition

Roll of Honour

Last edited: Mon 23 Jan 2017

SN performances at the Harvester.

1978 Eccleshall Woods, Sheffield Handicap 37th (5th Handicap)
1979 Caesars Camp, Bracknell Handicap 41st (7th Handicap)
77th (21st Handicap)
1980 Lyme Park, Manchester None
1981 Ash Ranges, Aldershot Open (A) 5th
Open (A) 27th (6th Handicap)
Handicap (A) 48th (18th Handicap)
1982 Barden, Hipswell, Catterick Open (A) 1st A Parker, T Watkins, G Peck, M Elgood, S Kirk, M Down, P Jones
Open (B) ?
1983 Longmoor, Aldershot Open (A) 3rd
Open (B) 1st D Truby, P Holmes, M Bray, A Wallis, M Yeo, S Peacock, A Britton
Handicap (B) 16th (6th Handicap)
1984 Mytchett, Aldershot Open A 3rd
Handicap (B) 3rd (1st Handicap Names??????)
1985 Pickering Forest, York Handicap (B) 1st (1st Handicap) T Watkins, F Watkins, P Warner, S Warner, D Thomas, C James, M Gollifer
1986 Sutton Park, Birmingham Open A 3rd
Open B 8th
Handicap (B) 13th
1987 Pembrey, South Wales Open A 1st S Keyes, F Edge, T Watkins, P Jones, T Keyes, P James, Cs Hirst.
Open B 2nd
Handicap (B) 7th (2nd Handicap)
1988 Clumber Park, Notts Open A 2nd
Open B 7th
Handicap (B) 36th (12th Handicap)
1989 Ibsley Common, Ringwood Open A 1st S Keyes, F Edge, B Edwards, P Jones, P Kelly, A Britton, M Brett
Open B 6th
Handicap (B) 45th
Open C 13th (5th Handicap)
Open C 17th (7th Handicap)
Open C 13th
1990 Grizedale, Lake District Open A 3rd
Open B 3rd
Handicap (B) 23rd (11th Handicap)
Open C 4th
1991 Hankley Common, Guildford Open A 1st S Keyes, B Edwards, P Jones, P Kelly, S McKinley, P Hague, S Beck
Open B 1st F Edge, A Wallis, R Baxter, J Williams, A Britton, G Edwards, M Billingshurst
Open B 11th
Handicap (B) 14th (5th Handicap)
1992 Devilla, Kinacrdine None
1993 Eccleshall Woods, Sheffield Open A 1st P Kelly, Bl Edwards, S Keyes, S McKinley, P Jones, S Beck, Paul Hague
Open B 2nd
Handicap (B) 35th (11th Handicap)
1994 Star Posts, Bracknell Open A 2nd
Open B 11th
Handicap (B) 51st (23rd Handicap)
Ladies C 27th (4th Ladies)
1995 Brampton Bryan, Ludlow Open A 3rd
Open B 12th
Open B 27th
1996 Dipton Woods Hexham None
1997 Longmoor, Aldershot Open A 30th
Handicap (A) 17th (6th Handicap)
1998 Thetford Warren None
1999 Blakeny Hill, Cinderford Open (A) 10th
2000 Watergrove, Rochdale None
2001 Not Held None (Foot & Mouth Outbreak)
2002 Dipton Woods & Slaley, Hexham None
2003 Longshaw Estate, Derbyshire None
2004 Pippingford Park, Sussex None
2005 Pillar Wood, YHOA None
2006 Teviothead, SOA None
2007 Penhale, Cornwall None
2008 Park Wood and Naphill Common, Chilterns Handicap (A) 9th (2nd Handicap)
Handicap (B) 28 (20th Handicap)
2009 Merthyr Common, Merthyr Tydfil None
2010 Eridge Park, Tunbridge Wells Open (A) 16th
2011 Eccleshall Woods, Sheffield None
2012 Bordon Heath Open (A) 4th
Women (B) 7th (3rd Women)
Handicap (B) 10th
2013 Longmoor, Aldershot Open (A) 12th
Women (B) 12th (5th Women)
Junior (B) NC 22nd
Handicap (B) 25th
2014 Winterfold Open (A) 11th
Women (B) 5th (1st Women)
Handicap (B) Disq
2015 Rushmore Estate Open (A) 7th
Handicap (B) 1st womens Handicap
Women (B) 2nd Womens Open

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