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Junior League

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All events are CATI (Come and Try It) so everyone is welcome.

Details and Rules

There are club members at every event who are very happy to advise people new to the sport. New groups are also welcome at all events but if you are planning to bring more than 6 runners please could e-mail the club in advance, so that we do not run out of the overprinted maps! Electronic punching will be used at the events, and competitors without their own dibbers can hire them at registration. Generally registration opens 9:45 and closes 11:15, with starts between 10:00 and 11:30. The finish closes 12:30 although some of the controls will be collected earlier.

Saturday Series Numbers

All competitors with their own dibbers do NOT visit the computer point before competing. Competitors who use a dibber allocated to somebody else will need to visit the computer point to get the details changed. Juniors who use a hired dibber will be allocated a Saturday Series Number(SS Nos) which will populate their details but they must visit the computer point at every event to input the hired dibber number. The white boards used previously at events to list JL Nos will now show SS Nos for regular runners without their own dibbers.

Past Winners - Roll of Honour

1986-87France Hill School and Gordon’ s School
1987-88Gordon’ s School
1988-89Gordon’ s School
1989-90Tomlinscote School
1990-91Tomlinscote School
1991-92Tomlinscote School
1992-93Tomlinscote School
1993-94Waverley Abbey School
1994-95Tomlinscote School
1995-96Tomlinscote School
1996-97Runnymeme Adventure Group
1997-98Tomlinscote School
1998-99Tomlinscote School
1999-00Tomlinscote School
2000-01Tomlinscote School
2001-02Tomlinscote School
2002-03Tomlinscote School
2003-04St Andrews School
2004-05St Andrews School
2005-06St Andrews School
2006-07Tomlinscote School
2007-08Tomlinscote School
2008-09Tomlinscote School
2009-10Tomlinscote School and Waverley Abbey
2010-11St Andrews School
2011-12St Andrews School
2012-13St Andrews School

St Andrews School

2016-17Esher Scouts
2017-18St Andrews School (Woking)

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