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Junior League

Last edited: Wed 19 Aug 2020

All events are CATI (Come and Try It) so everyone is welcome.


The Junior League is an individual and team competition. Generally there are seven events in the league, held on Saturday mornings, one per month between September and March. These are low key, low cost events held on local areas. All school-age juniors can take part in the league – when you enter each event, just enter your age class as B (boy) or G (girl) and your school year – B7, G10 – and you will automatically be included. You don’t have to be a top orienteer – beginners are welcome, families are welcome. Teams generally come from local schools or scout groups – bring your friends along and form a team.

There are four courses to choose from, ranging from yellow – the easiest, about 2km, suitable for beginners – getting longer and trickier through orange, light green, to short blue. Points are awarded based on which course you run and how well you do.

There is a trophy for the best team over the season, and individual prizes for the top three boys and girls in each age group. The best six of seven events count. Also if you do particularly well at three events over the season you get a certificate. Prizes and certificates are given out at a special prizegiving event at the end of the season.

Results of each event are published on the SN web site soon after the event, along with the overall standings in the individual and team competitions, so you can see if you’re in the running for a prize or a certificate.

Do come along and give it a try. Beginners are welcome, and there are plenty of people who can help you out if needed.

Details of how the league scores work are given here: Junior League Details and Rules

There are club members at every event who are very happy to advise people new to the sport. New groups are also welcome at all events but if you are planning to bring more than 6 runners please e-mail the club in advance, so that we do not run out of the overprinted maps! Electronic punching will be used at the events, and competitors without their own dibbers can borrow them at registration.

Saturday Series Numbers

All competitors with their own dibbers do NOT visit the computer point before competing. Competitors who use a dibber allocated to somebody else will need to visit the computer point to get the details changed. Juniors who use a borrowed dibber will be allocated a Saturday Series Number(SS Nos) which will populate their details in the entry system but they must visit the computer point at every event to input the hired dibber number. The white boards used previously at events to list JL numbers will now show SS numbers for regular runners without their own dibbers.

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