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bi-monthly Newsletter for members of Southern Navigators

Last edited: Fri 19 Aug 2016

SNaggers has had over 200 editions.

The first edition was in 1972, so SNaggers has been going for over 38 years!

In its history there have been a multitude of editors, of which Tony Painter stands out for longevity. Tony was the SNaggers editor for 12 years and 73 editions!

SNaggers won a CompassSport Newsletter award in 2007.

What is the content?

  • Whatever you want it to be!
  • The content obviously varies depending on what is proffered and also depends on the individual nuances of the editor!
  • The newsletter on the whole is a light-hearted publication, which aims to be informative, interesting and entertaining.
  • Traditionally the newsletter has included articles on orienteering from events and trips to course reviews. It also includes recent results, details about future events, kit reviews, junior pages, schools league updates, meeting, policy updates and much much more.
  • It isn’t just an orienteering magazine, there are regularly articles on other sports; we are not just orienteers!
  • There are also quizzes, recipes, book reviews, pictures, jokes and anything else that may be suitable for a family magazine.

Why is a paper Newsletter still relevant in an electronic world?

  • Firstly and fore mostly, SNaggers is the “heart beat of the club”, it is an efficient and effective communication tool and mouthpiece for the Club and its members.
  • SNaggers is a great medium to portray the club and our ethos.
  • Show SNaggers to friends or members of other clubs, most people are impressed by the quality and the content.
  • It tends to be good value, costing on average £1.20 per copy.
  • Not everyone has access to the web or PCs, thus cannot receive it electronically.
  • It is still great to have a portable publication to take around with you, read when you are out and about at an event, without being chained to your desk?

What can you give to SNaggers?

  • Your input! Don’t rely on someone else to write an article. Get involved, make SNaggers your Newsletter by proffering anything that you think may be of interest and relevant to the Club and its members.
  • Hopefully if the editor has space, they will get your copy in!
  • There will be a SNaggers article from each edition put on the Southern Navigators website, but this will only give you a flavour of what SNaggers and the club is about.
  • If you want to learn more; join the club and wait for your copy of SNaggers to arrive, it is worth it.
  • If you have something of interest, send it to the editor at the following address:

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