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Sat 11 Jan Wisley Common Sat Series 5 Local Corrected Final Results  Routegadget ... sorry we have a problem with some of the course times under routegadget!!  Yellow MapOrange MapLight Green MapShort Blue Map


Fri 27 Dec Normandy Xmas Middle Local Results  Routegadget 
Sat 14 Dec Merrist Wood Sat Series 4 Local Results and Splits  Routegadget  Junior League Individual pointsJunior League individual standingsJunior League team standings
Sun 17 Nov Old Windmill Hill and Colony Gate SN Trophy Regional Routegadget  Results and Splits  BOF results (ranking points)  String Course ResultsOfficials ReportSN Trophy Club Results
Sat 9 Nov Witley Common Sat Series 3 Local Results  Routegadget 
Sat 5 Oct Horsell common Sat Series 2 Local Horsell ResultsTeam Standings
Sat 31 Aug Woking Park (Race 1) SN Double Sprint Local Results  Routegadget  Combined Event Sprint results
Sat 31 Aug Gordons school (Race 2) SN Double Sprint Local Results and Splits  Routegadget 
Sun 7 Jul Frimley Urban SEOUL Regional Results  Routegadget Link  Southern England Orienteering Urban League 
Sat 11 May Woking Park Prize Giving Local 2018/19 season Prizewinners
Sat 6 Apr Alice Holt Sat Series 7 Local Results and Splits  Routegadget 
Sat 9 Mar Wisley Sat Series 6 Local Routegadget   Results and Splits 
Sat 9 Feb Horsell Sat Series 5 Local Results and Splits  Routegadget 
Sat 19 Jan Merrist Wood Sat Series 4 Local Results and Splits  Routegadget  Junior League ResultsJunior League Individual StandingsJunior League Team Standings


Sun 30 Dec Wellington College SEOA and SCOA league Regional Results and Splits  Routegadget  Yellow MapBlue MapBrown MapGreen MapLight GreenOrange MapShort Brown MapShort Blue MapVery short Green MapWhite MapShort Green MapBOF ranking points will be calculated and given here  WinSplits online  Officials commentsPhotos from today  Some great Photos showing the diversity of the area  
Sun 25 Nov Hindhead and The Devil's Punchbowl 2018 Southern Champs National Routegadget  Results and Splits  Bof Rankings  Photos by Steve Rush  For something a little flatter - Amazing unique area to help with the Christmas flab  WinSplits  Southern Championships Top 3 per class
Sat 10 Nov Witley Common Sat Series 3/ SN Lge Local Event 3 resultsJunior League Team standingsJunior league Individual standings
Sat 15 Sep Frimley Fuel Allotments Sat Series1/SN Lge Local Results 
Sat 8 Sep Horsell Common Sat Series 1/ SN Lge Local Results and Splits  Routegadget  Junior League pointsJunior League Team standings
Sat 23 Jun Staines SEOUL League Race Local Results  RouteGadget 
Sat 28 Apr Woking Park Prize Giving event Local Splits and results - unadjusted  Results for rules of Odds and Evens
Sat 17 Mar Frensham Heights School SN League Saturday 7 Local Split and Standard Results  Routegadget for Frensham Heights  
Sat 24 Feb Esher Common SN League Saturday 6 Local Results  Provisional resultsCurrent team standings
Sat 27 Jan Eagle House School SN League Saturday 5 Local Results from Eagle House  Routegadget 


Sun 17 Dec Ash Ranges SN Trophy National Results  Routegadget  BOF Ranking Points 
Sat 2 Dec Wisley SN League Saturday 4 Local Results  SLOW Women's ChampsSLOW Men's ChampsSN Women's ChampsSN Men's ChampsRoutegdget Files 
Sun 12 Nov Alice Holt SE Night Champs Regional SEOA Night Champs  Routegadget 
Sat 11 Nov Alice Holt SN League Saturday 3 Local Standard results files  Routegadget 
Sat 7 Oct Horsell Common SN League Saturday 2 Local Results 
Sun 24 Sep JIRC 2017 Relays - Blackheath National Relay Results and Splits  Routegadget  WinSplits  Photos - (W. Heap)  Photos - (M Howell) 
Sat 23 Sep JIRC 2017 Individual - Winterfold National Results and Splits  Team resultsRoutegadget  Race Day Photos  JIRC Team ResultsSplit times, WinSplits 
Sat 16 Sep Merrist Wood SS 2017/18 #1 Local Results and Splits  Routegadget  Junior League Ind scoresJL Team standings
Sun 20 Aug Farnborough SN Urban event Regional Results Posted  Routegadget Files  BOF Ranking Points 
Sat 25 Mar Frimley Fuel Allotments Saturday Series 8 Local Results Sheet
Sat 4 Mar Frensham Heights School, Farnham Saturday Series 7 Local Results and Splits  Routegadget 
Sat 4 Feb Horsell Common Saturday Series 6 Local Results and Splits  Routegadget 
Sat 14 Jan Wisley Saturday Series 5 Local Results and Splits 

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