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SN Juniors Selected for National Training Camps

Last edited: Tue 9 Jun 2020

Congratulations to Jocie, Frank, and Thomas, who have been selected to attend national training camps this summer.

Jocie has been selected for Lagganlia, which this year will be held online, whilst Frank is due to head to Stockholm at the end of August and Thomas is set to attend the Gothenburg tour for the second year in a row.

All selections should be given extra credit, as many of the usual selection races were cancelled this year, and athletes had to prove their form from races in 2019.

The Lagganlia training camp is based at the Lagganlia OEC near Aviemore. It is aimed at M/W14s and takes place around the last week in July. There are usually about 24 places for athletes on the camp, which provides the juniors with a week's worth of coaching in technical Scottish terrain.

This year, the camp will be held online using small group classroom coaching sessions, and tasks will be set for the juniors to complete at home.

The Stockholm training camp is aimed at M/W17s and is held around the middle of August. Athletes stay at the ‘OK Ravinen’ club hut and travel to top-class terrain all around the city. The camp usually accommodates 16-20 athletes.

The Gothenburg tour is unique in that its purpose is to teach those about to leave the ranks of junior orienteers, ie M/W20’s, how to plan and undertake their own training within a Scandinavian environment.

All returnees to the Gothenburg tour are expected to take a much more active role in organising this 'self-help', athlete-led style of training camp.

At the time of writing, both tours to Sweden will be going ahead as planned.

All three tours are organised annually by the Junior Regional Orienteering Squads (JROS).

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