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SN Committee Meeting

Wed 05 February, 2020

Level of event:

Type of event:  

To attend or to have items added to the agenda, please contact Helen at


1). Apologies: Ian Komor

2). Minutes of last meeting

3). Matters arising

4). Chair report

5). Secretary’s report

6). Treasurers report

7). Events Secretary report

8). Mapping report

9). Club captains report

10). AOB


1. Attended by: Alan Wallis (Chair), Helen Le Page (Sec), Ian Komor (Mapping), Sarah Francis (Treasurer)

Mel Slade (Welfare), Debbie Robinson (Asst. Events Sec) Paul Fox (Team Captain)

2. Apologies: Jane Archer

3. Minutes The minutes of the meeting on 2nd Oct 2019 were approved.

4. Actions from previous meetings.

(Actions from meeting on 2nd October, still live at 3rd December meeting)

a. Highfield School/Holycoombe has now been confirmed as the venue for British Long Distance and Relays. (22/3/2020) SN have been asked to help with car parking on both days. Alan will approach Calvin to see if he would be prepared to do the preliminary meetings with the organisers. (Signage, logistics etc.) 2 Teams will need to be formed nearer the time, with a leader for each.

b. Score events at JL. This was trialed last month and this option taken by 2. Feedback was that this was great for those with some experience, but a bit overwhelming for complete beginners. We will continue to offer it.

c. Instruction to organisers to respect local property/access requirements eg dogs on leads, out of bounds areas. Action: Jane to update list. Not sure if this has been done.

d. SN maps which covered more than one land owner. This should be made clear on maps as they came up for revision. Action: Ian/Jane to circulate details of maps with multiple land owners around Committee. Still a work in progress.

e. Running Vests. Helen has some designs and samples from Trimtex, but they are very expensive. Helen to continue looking at cheaper options.

f. Welfare officer add placed in SNaggers. As of yet no response. In the meantime Mel is going to investigate what clearance our coaches have to work with children and whether BOF keeps track of this alongside their coaching qualifications.

g. Junior Incentive Awards. This is well underway. Dave Lane on board and everyone keen to start in the New Year. Mel, Alan and Dave are in the process of discussing the logistics/rules etc. Helen to source medals, but they will not be needed for quite some time, so no rush.

h. Basingbourne Park – Both Alan and Mel have been for a look round, with the possibility of linking it to Court Moor School in the future. Alan to go ahead and produce map.

i. Mel to contact Forestry Commission with questions regarding Alice Holt. As yet, no response.

j. Katherine Bett was keen to come on board regarding advertising/publicity, but as yet we haven’t written/discussed a job description for her. Someone has been posting to Facebook. Is this Katherine/Sue or Sarah Rollins?

k. Junior training. This seems to be getting going again. 2 dates have been published on the website.

6. Chairman’s Report

a. Committee Job Descriptions. These seem to have been lost! Alan has asked everyone to write a short description of what they think their job involves and how many hours per month they spend on their role.

b. There has been pressure to ensure that SN Controllers attend an event safety course. It was proposed that SN run another Safety workshop and possibly a Technical Training W/S in Winter 2019. Action: Alan to establish whether any of this year’s planners actually need the safety course. It might be easier to send them to attend another clubs.

c. Club Handicap is taking place on Sat 7th Dec. About 18 are involved. Club Championship taking place on 14th Dec. It is more difficult that we all think to find a suitable event, as other clubs are sometimes slow to publish their events that we could join in with. Some club members have questioned value for money as being asked to pay out for a level C/D event and being asked to run a course well below their ability.

d. Calvin would like to step down as equipment officer at some point in the near future. We need to start looking now for a new secure storage solution. Alan will ask Calvin to photograph the kit in storage so we can understand just how much space we need to find.

e. Alan felt it would be nice to donate money to a charity instead of doing Christmas cards. The committee felt that whilst this was a lovely idea, it is a personal choice. Perhaps a charity box could be put out for donations at the Christmas meal.

f. Next season consider setting fees for Saturday series to make joining BOF more attractive. We need to action this from the New Year if we are going to do it, whilst membership is up for renewal (Also see AOB)

7. Secretary

Nothing to report

8. Events Secretary

a. Get events onto the website sooner. Debbie will action this.

b. Southern Champs at Long Valley has been cancelled (BKO event)

c. SN Trophy and Horsell Urban event should be now have planners/organisers

9. Treasurers Report

a. Sarah now has the log in code so can access online banking. Alan and Helen need to be set up so that they can both set up (only in an emergency) and authorize payments. Sarah will send us the relevant paperwork.

10. Mapping. .

Nothing to report

11. Team Captain

We will be entering the Compass Sports Cup. Not sure where it will be yet.


a. Schools Registration. Mel raised this as she is in the process of registering Court Moor School. What is the charge of £20 for? Can this be scrapped as hard to justify to school? We need to create a formal registration document/disclaimer. Helen to see what they have at school for various sports.

b. We need to look out for juniors running for schools that are no longer registered ie. Tomlinscote. They are not covered under their school insurance or BOF. The need to encourage these juniors to join BOF is even more important once this document is in place. Ask Dave to put up a sign on the junior league board pointing this out.

Pre Event Info

Contacts / Officials

Important Event Information

Safety and Risk:
A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser. Competitors are responsible for their own personal safety and for assessing their own abilities to complete the course. Neither Southern Navigators, the landowner or British Orienteering can be held liable for any accident or other incident arising while undertaking the event. Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event - including clothing appropriate for the conditions, and if required, a means of summoning assistance (e.g. phone or whistle).

After forest orienteering, please check thoroughly for ticks and remove immediately if you find them. Lyme Disease is on the increase in the South East!

Covid-19: Before attending any orienteering activity, all orienteers (including officials, volunteers and coaches) should self-assess for symptoms of COVID-19. If you, or anyone you live with, have one or more of these symptoms you should not attend any sporting activity, even if your symptoms are mild.

Insurance: All participants are covered by the British Orienteering third-party liability insurance policy. (NB: This is not a personal injury policy).

Privacy: If you enter an event or activity for which we publish results your name will appear in the results section of this website. In addition we may seek to have the results published elsewhere, e.g. by local newspapers. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.